v.1.0.2.a (28/10/2005)

  Initial release


v.1.0.2.b (04/11/2005)

  Bugfix : floorboard could crash when UP and DOWN pedal are pressed simultaneously


v.1.0.2.c (28/11/2005)

- bugfix in eeprom save functionality (caused problems when receiving sysex dumps, resulting in a flashing dot showing on the display)

- bugfix: LED of non-stompbox patch sometimes stayed selected after receiving patchdump

- minor issue solved: when several stompboxes are active for a certain preset, and they have different active relay settings, (relay ON or OFF, NOT disabled), only the last relevant setting is actually used to switch the relay (previous version used all patch settings sequentially, resulting in relay "bouncing")

- minor issue solved: when transposing, the Note values are limited to the range 0-127 by shifting out-of-range notes by 1 octave, instead of merely limiting them to the boundary values.

* new functionality : "momentary" CC messages = CC message with programmed value is sent when clicking a footswitch; the same CC message, with value 0, is sent when releasing the footswitch. This is programmed by setting the alternate CC value to 1, and DISabling the Toggle function for this CC.


v.1.0.2.d (14/02/2006)

- bugfix: in stompbox mode, the switches (relays) could only be programmed (to On/Off/"no change") in stompbox patches. The switch settings stored in regular patches were ignored.

- bugfix: in stompbox mode, if you wanted to edit the setup of a patch, you had to select the patch and then immediately go to patch setup. If a stompbox was selected in between, the patch setup didn't not work correctly.

- bugfix: in stompbox mode, when you scrolled from bank x to bank x+10, the led of the previously selected patch lighted up, which was incorrect.


v.1.0.2.e (25/03/2006)

- new functionality : in stompbox mode, it is now possible to toggle the switches(relays) using any stompbox.When a STOMPBOX has a switch programmed to ON, the switch will be closed when activating the stompbox (LED on) and opened when de-activating the stompbox (LED off). When a switch is programmed to OFF for a STOMPBOX, it will be opened when activating the stompbox (LED on) and closed when de-activating the stompbox (LED off).

- new functionality : in stompbox mode, when a STOMPBOX has an expression pedal programmed, the exp.pedal control number is only changed to its programmed value when activating the stompbox (switching it ON), not when de-activating it (switching it OFF)

- bugfix : every now and then, when selecting a patch, the corresponding expression pedal CC was sent without touching the expression pedal


v.1.0.2.f (15/05/2007)

- bugfix : the "toggle expr.pedal A" functionality, as described in UnO user guide page 9, point 7, didn't work for stomp boxes.

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